Agricultural Producers:

Included in this category are farmers, fishers, chefs and other producers of agricultural products, including fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables, meat and poultry, eggs, milk, cheeses, fresh cut flowers and plants, nursery-related products. Agricultural producers may be expected to prove their production claims.

Arts and Crafts:

Included in this category are artists and craftspeople that create original crafts or works of art. Producers of arts or crafts may also be expected to provide proof of their production claims.

Non Profit Organizations:

Non Profit organizations with missions related to farming, gardening, conservation, education, African American culture, youth and/or nutrition may participate in the market if space is available.


1. Informational and/or promotional items
2. Franchise, direct sale, and/or retail business
3. Commercial / mass produced products (with or without an internet business)

4. Electronics and related accessories

5. Political campaigning 



  • Valid occupational license from a local municipality and/or county.

  • Must obtain, display, and keep applicable, state and county license for specific product.

  • Market manager must have a copy of all license before you begin.


  • All foods must be prepared in a kitchen certified by Department of Agriculture, Department of Health or USDA.

  • All products must be made by you or your staff (ie: if you sell cookies, you must make the cookies from scratch).

  • If selling packaged food items, all vendors must have Food Sales Establishment License and Department of Agriculture approved labels.

  • Use of local farm ingredients is required. If the product is available locally, it is expected that you will purchase it from a local and sustainable source.

  • All vendors must submit a list of ingredients and sources to be pre-approved. If utilizing a seasonal menu, a regular update is required for pre-approval of new products.


  • Artists are strongly encouraged to use items and create products that relate to the mission of our markets.

  • The sale of other retail flea market items, crafts and antiques will not be permitted.

  • Etsy vendors are welcomed.


  • Bath & Body products must incorporate local and sustainable materials.

  • There is only one space devoted to bath & body products at each market — we do not repeat vendor booths

    within this category.


  • Vendors must set-up by 12 p.m. Late arrivals are subject to a late fee of 25% of 1 month’s rent.

  • Vendors are to remain within their 10’x10’ allotted space. Vendors are responsible for providing proper

    equipment including table, chairs, tents, extension cords, power, trash cans etc.

          o Tent, table and chairs are not provided.

  • All vendors are required to display business names at all times.

  • Vendors are responsible for complete clean-up in the vicinity of their operations. Vendors must clean-up and break-down by 6 pm. Boxes and other large trash items must be taken out. Failure to completely remove all materials by 6 pm or improper cleaning of the area may result in a fine of 25% of 1 month’s rent.

  • Vendors that leave early are subject to a fee of 50% of 1 month’s rent.

  • Large trucks, those over 1.5 tons must unload and exit the area no later than 12:00 a.m.

  • Vendors who must use a vehicle as an integral part of their business are limited to a vehicle with a weight

    of 1.5 tons or less. Using the vehicle as a holding area is not considered integral to the business.

*** Market start time subject to change due to weather and daylight savings time.


  • Eatonville Craft’s & Culture Market will take place every 1st Sunday of each month.

  • Payments will be accepted up until the week before the market based on availability.

  • Payment’s are non-refundable.

  • Months that include major holidays are subject to additional fees.

Regular Monthly Fees

Artisan/Craftsmen vendors $25

Food trucks and food vendors $35

Snack vendors (1-2 food items) $30

Non-Profits $25


  • The Market reserves the right to relocate and to limit the amount of stall space sold to any vendor. Vendors may not sublease or sell spot to other vendors.

  • Each vendor is allotted 10’ x 10’ space.


  • Smoking inside your area or near any other vendor’s location during market hours is not permitted.

  • First offense of fraction will carry a written warning. A second offense will carry a fine. The third offense

    will result in the termination of a vendor.